Going the Extra Mile for Customers

Actually, we went 188 extra miles on Thursday! Our produce order from Albert’s Organics did not get loaded onto the unfi delivery truck driven by Jeremy. Snafu’s happen!

After Laurie made arrangements with the warehouse in Denver, Lee hopped into his Subaru Forester and headed off at 11am. He returned to Mountain Naturals by 3pm just as the snow began with avocados, bananas, ginger root, mushrooms, Organic Girl salad mix, romaine lettuce, spinach, and tomatoes which rounded out the produce already on hand. Cheryl and Linda pitched in to unload produce. Now, we have a nice selection of fruit from the western slope of Colorado and ingredients for salads, soups and veggie dishes.


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One Response to Going the Extra Mile for Customers

  1. Laura Hatfield says:

    It was quite the day…but we all pulled through with smiles…yea team!