Nourish Organic Juice in Our Store

NOTE: We now have Nourish Organic Juice in glass bottles! Thank you, Nicole and Evelyn for moving away from plastic bottles.20121129-193206.jpg
Kathy (Mountain Naturals) and Nicole (Nourish Organic Juice) are happy after a day of preparing produce for the market and sharing juice and kale chip samples with the many customers visiting the store on this beautiful day. Visit the Nourish Organic Juice website for more information about their products.


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One Response to Nourish Organic Juice in Our Store

  1. Catiuche says:

    A food processor would also work as well as a juicer and there are some very inexpensive, though small, processors out there. Anyway, working w/a blender, for your veggies: beets, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach are my first choices and all will do well in your blender. Avoid celery and any stringy, super tough veggies as they don’t pulp well. For fruits: pineapple, pears, apples, oranges, banana’s, peaches, strawberries, lemons, limes. Peel everything then cut your veggies/fruits throw in the blender, add ice and put some liquid in the blender before you pulp your fruits/veggies, and while you’re learning just blend a bit, stop, move the food around, pulp again. Add liquid if needed. Now you won’t extract as much juice this way, the end result will be thick. Add lots of ice and you’ll have to add either water or some other liquid to have a juice consistency.Enjoy.