7 miles from campsite to Mtn Naturals!

MapWoodland Park woke up this morning to a beautiful Colorado sky with moisture still in the air from recent rains.  Really nice.

Shortly after our opening time of 9am, a young man in bicycle gear walked into the store and soon began saying, “wow, this is an awesome store!”  Laura and I appreciated his compliments and slowly joined into a conversation.  He had driven from Oklahoma with camping gear and his road bike for a 14 day stay at Painted Rocks Campground about 7 miles north of the store.  Beyond his amazement of the natural beauty of the area was his appreciation of a natural food store just 7 miles from his campsite. Wasn’t it Will Rogers who said “a stranger is just a friend I’ve not met.”  I suspect we will become friends after a couple more visits to Mountain Naturals.


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