Patrick’s Guacamole

Patrick's Guacamole Recipe

Patrick's Guacamole Recipe




Chopped shallot (or mild onion)

Chopped fresh hot pepper (jalapeño, serrano)

Juice from a fresh lime

Cayenne pepper powder


Ground black pepper

Many potential optional ingredients

How to Prepare:

The key to making great guacamole is tasting the pepper and adjusting the amount of cayenne to generate the heat needed to match the taste of the people eating it.  If the pepper is mild, use more cayenne.  If the pepper is really spicy, you might not need any cayenne.  If the pepper is really hot, you may want to add some and taste it, then add more if it doesn’t meet the desired level of heat.  The thing I’ve found about guacamole is that if you have a good avocado it’s hard to go wrong unless you aren’t careful about the heat level.  If you have a bad avocado it can be a challenge to make something that lives up to your expectations.  I think salt is a necessity, but add to taste.  Black pepper is definitely optional, but I usually add a little just because I always have.

With the ingredients above, I have made some really enjoyable dips, but you can also add cilantro (but consider that some people have strong negative reaction to cilantro!) and/or tomato (but only if it’s really good tomato).  I even mixed in some grilled tomatillos once to make kind of a relish.  That was good too.  This is a good base to work from.  It’s like my chili, every time is different and some are better than others, but it’s usually the best thing I eat that day!

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